A dream that comes true

On the Piedmontese Apennines, 550 meters above sea level between Val Curone and Val Borbera, here is the dream come true of Luciana and Marco, founders and owners until 2015 of La Casereccia, in Tortona.
Our Foresteria La Merlina is a small wellness oasis where you can taste and enjoy our territory and listen to the music of silence.

Derthona Timorasso Resort

Here at Foresteria La Merlina you can find every label of the famous white wine Derthona Timorasso available.  Check our wine list: click here

Restaurant with about 30 seats: a cuisine that gives value to our land using our own produce and animals bred by us.

Four rooms facing a pool to stop and rest after a dinner or take full advantage of our structure, which, in addition to the pool overlooking the valley, offers expanses of meadows where you can do mountain biking, horseback riding, trekking or simply relax in nature.

Tasting a Territory

This is the motto that accompanies our Foresteria.
We are open from Wednesday to Sunday:
we are open for dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; we are open
for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

You will taste what our territory offers. We do not have a menu as we only cook what we breed, grow or find at selected local farms.

Our cornerstones: Salame Nobile del Giarolo, Montebore, Timorasso.


An island in the mountains located on the border between three Italian regions, our land carries the memory of the culture of the past and still gives us its flavors today.

Among the products of our territory Nobile del Giarolo, salami produced in our own farm, Montebore, ancient cheese brought back to our tables by skilled hands, and Timorasso, famous wine of great structure, stand out particularly. In the autumn, mushrooms and truffles are king.

Walking in uncontaminated woods in the company of roe deer, boar and fallow deer will make you live a unique experience.